To all who attended last week’s Central Jersey Think Tank meeting, thank you! For those of you who missed out, we have summarized key points from the meeting.

For our first meeting of 2017, we rolled out a new format in order to improve the flow of the table discussions and based on the comments we’ve received so far, it was a great success! We will continue to follow this format and will continue to hand out feedback cards at the conclusion of the meeting.

Below is a brief recap of the activities that took place at the January meeting:

Speaker: Sal Schibell

Sal focused on the most important & timely income tax updates, as they relate to businesses and President Donald Trump’s tax proposal. For more information, you can read the entire tax article here.

Topics for Discussion

The open format of the meeting allowed for more collaborative discussions at each table. Below are a few key topics that were examined:

  • Cyber Security and the ramifications of technology readily accessible to anyone, anywhere. How can we protect ourselves?
  • Marketing issues – how can we find new clients and prospects? How to add more to your client list and best approach people.
  • How different industries market themselves, from insurance, litigation and home care.
  • Legal issues between different industries and how to find clients of different age-ranges.
  • Discussions on different businesses – financial, marketing, consulting – different work experience and clientele.

We are always looking to expand and improve the quality of our membership. Think about your business associates: Which ones would profit from a group of fellow business owners discussing important topics of the day? Be sure to invite them to our February meeting on 2/28!