Where is the best place to hide a dead body? The second page of a Google search of course!

Apparently, this question and answer is posted all over the walls of Google headquarters according to our latest latest Central Jersey Think Tank speaker, Jim Mahlmann. The president of NetCetera, an Internet technology company based in Toms River, described a number of Google tools that help businesses attain that coveted first page listing on Google searches.

“Tools such as Google+, Google Places and Google My Business are all valuable tools especially in local searches,” he explained. “Much of Google’s success comes from their ability to generate relevant results for search requests. If you understand that, Google can be an important business ally,” he added.

Mahlmann notes that responsive sites (website resizes based on what device- desktop, tablet or smartphone) and mobile-friendly sites get rewarded with higher search rankings. He also mentioned that Google is moving toward ranking secure websites (sites with an https// prefix in the domain) above non-secure websites.

Mahlmann is the latest business expert to speak at the Think Tank, which meets once a month to discuss critical issues facing NJ business owners. The Central Jersey Think Tank is sponsored by the Ocean Township accounting firm of Lawson, Rescinio, Schibell.

Essential Google Tools

“Google Analytics is a free tool that helps web owners monitor who is coming to their sites; how long they stay on the site; what pages they visit and how they found the site. Knowing this information helps website owners improve their websites,” he explained.

Mahlmann also told the attendees that they should be making at least a couple of web page changes a month to enhance natural searches. “Google rewards active sites,” he said, noting that the changes can be as simple as new pictures or updated copy. He also suggested that an internal blog is helpful. Google offers a webmasters tool that enables website owners to track search performance.

One of the most valuable tips Mahlmann mentioned revolved around how vital YouTube is to search engines. YouTube is actually the second most popular search engine and is now owned by Google. “How to” videos are among the most watched and the most effective are short and to the point. “Sharing helpful information is more important than high quality video productions. Your smartphone camera is adequate in most cases as long as the subject matter is helpful,” he said.

For faster, higher placement, Google offers the AdWords component. Advertisers can bid on higher placement for individual search words or terms. Payment is only due when searchers click through to the site. Mahlmann cautions that AdWords campaigns should be carefully managed as costs can quickly climb, especially in highly competitive fields such as personal injury and medical services.


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