With its constant email reminders of invitations to connect and simplified manner of giving or getting recommendations, LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool. But does it work? According to Suzanne Stingo, Founder of SMS Social Media Strategies, it can be incredibly helpful if used in the right way.

She shared her experiences and recommendations at the latest Central Jersey Think Tank, sponsored by Lawson, Rescinio, Schibell, CPAs.

“It begins with the profile,” she says. “People always put on their best face on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. But the same effort rarely goes into a person’s LinkedIn profile. After meeting a new contact, that person is going to check two things when they get back to their office- your website and your LinkedIn. “LinkedIn is the only social media platform where you are able to showcase all of your professional knowledge, awards, certifications, and education in order to solidify you as a professional in your field. Showcase the very best person of yourself,” she recommended.

Here are some other LinkedIn tips Suzanne covered:

  • Status updates will only be seen by 10-15% of your connections. That’s why it’s important to constantly post in order to reach your entire audience.
  • When sending an invite to connect- it’s important to send a personalized note along with the invitation. It’s your way of displaying your professionalism through social media.
  • The two most important parts of your LinkedIn profile are your photo and your headline. Putting a face to a name is more important than ever in this ever-evolving digital world.

The Think Tank

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