Client Relations


Our philosophy at Lawson, Rescinio, Schibell & Associates, P.C. is to provide timely, cost effective services and solutions that meet the needs of every client. We believe that by taking the time to properly structure the assignment, and by communicating our approach at the beginning, our relationship will proceed in a smooth manner. When the work progresses smoothly, the desired outcome will be achieved.By following the steps outlined below, we are able to achieve a successful relationship with our clients.
One of the partners of the firm will meet with each client to determine the needs of the client and the best way to accomplish their goals.
After the initial meeting, we will detail the approach that the firm would like to take to achieve the client’s goals. Also, included in this will be an estimation of timing and fees. This clearly defines the relationship and expectations between the firm and the client.
At this point a staff person, in addition to the partner, will be assigned to assist the client. The partner will select a staff person based on experience and expertise. During the course of the client/firm relationship, both the staff person and the partner will schedule themselves to regularly meet with the client on an on-going basis.
At our firm, fees are based on the actual time spent working on a project, the complexity of the work involved, and the level of staff expertise involved. Based upon the nature of the work, we will either quote a fixed fee, or a fee based on hours actually expended. In either event, the estimate is always included in the engagement letter. In the case of major continuing projects, a monthly retainer, based on annual costs, is established and billed accordingly.Also, the philosophy of our firm is never to bewilder a client. Therefore, if the nature or scope of an assignment changes such that there is a change in the fees originally quoted, we would notify the client, cite the reason for the change and ask for permission to amend our fee quotation before we proceed.