At Lawson, Rescinio, Schibell & Assoc., P.C. we highly value our relationship with our clients and associates and recognize the ongoing and increased uncertainty that COVID-19 is causing around the world. The safety and wellbeing of our clients, family, employees and community remains a priority. As the situation continues to evolve, our firm is taking steps to ensure our approach is consistent with the guidance provided by The World Health Organization and the CDC.
This virus spreads when people are exposed to large gatherings, and we are taking a new approach in our delivery of services to our clients. We are asking all our clients to consider the following “limited contact” precautions in order to create a safer environment for everyone.

• Consider mailing, faxing or using our secure portals to send us your tax return information.
• If you prefer to come to our office, consider just dropping off your tax return information instead of a formal appointment.
• The Internal Revenue Service has waived the penalties and interest for any payments due on April 15, 2020 and has extended payment until July 15,2020, although the filing requirement remains the same, due April 15,2020. If you are not able to file your tax return on time we will assist you in preparation of an extension, an extended Federal individual tax return is due 10/15/2020.
• If we have prepared a return for you, we will call and ask if we can mail it to you. Please consider this option, even if you live close by. We can also send your tax return by a secure portal to you. We have the ability to discuss your tax return with you utilizing various safe non-contact methods of communication that we will discuss with you.

These actions are in support of CDC’s “All of Community” approach to slowing the community transmission of COVID-19 and flatten the rate of infection curve. Flattening the curve slows the rate at which new cases arrive in hospitals, thereby easing the burden on health care infrastructure and improving the odds that individual patients will survive.

In the event, we are forced to close or we must self-quarantine, we have work-from-home strategies in place, which we believe will allow us to continue to provide our clients with the services they have come to expect from us.
We believe in being good partners with our clients, and the communities in which we operate and our employees reside and want to take steps to reduce the concentration risk associated with traveling to and gathering in, an office environment while ensuring we are able to continue the important work that we do with you every day.

Thank you for your understanding in this time of uncertainty.

If you have any additional questions, please call 732-531-8000 or email us.