Finding an accountant you trust isn’t as simple as finding any other business–if you’re calling up the first accountant you see and hiring them on the spot, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Your accountant should be carefully chosen based on their experience, trustworthiness, and values. This is done with a combination of speaking with different accountants, reading reviews, and taking a look at their client portfolio if possible.

LRSCPA is proud to staff only the best of the best that embody all the qualities you’d want in the person entrusted to handle your finances.

Highly Organized

Perhaps the most important quality of a good accountant, it should be obvious from the moment you walk into their office that they are organized and on top of their work. Some might work better in clutter, but this isn’t an industry where you can afford to be disorganized. One paper out of place could result in bad advice or your finances being lost.

If you speak to your accountant and get the feeling that they’re scatter-brained or aren’t well put-together, it’s probably a good bet that they treat your finances the same way.

Up To Date With Trends

Accounting trends change constantly, and there are plenty of accountants stuck in their ways that will refuse to adapt accordingly. If your accountant is still using old technology to communicate or do their work, chances are they’re not keeping up to date with the latest accounting trends. Your accountant should be constantly improving their efficiency and be communicating to you how the latest trends affect the way your accounting is being done.

Great Communicator

If you hired a CPA to handle your finances, chances are you’re not an expert accountant. Since you’re not, your accountant should be able to translate complex accounting principles into simple terms that anyone can understand. You could hire the most brilliant CPA in the world, but if they’re unable to communicate what’s happening with your finances in terms you understand, how will you know you’re getting what you need?

LRSCPA is staffed with people who understand that accounting is complex, and our job is more than just crunching numbers. We are your best option because we are human.

Familiarity With Your Industry

Many accountants have a niche that they primarily work in, and others, like LRSCPA, are well-versed in multiple industries. While it’s not necessary that your accountant is an expert in your industry–that’s your job–it certainly helps when their portfolio includes clients that are in the same line of work you are. Especially within industries such as construction and auto that have specific regulations, having an accountant with that familiarity goes a long way and can save you time and money.

Make the right choice for your business and contact LRSCPA to help you navigate the complicated world of finance!