Financial statements are the dashboard of your business–they tell you where your money is going, where it’s coming from, and how much you have to work with.


And while most dashboards look rather similar, having someone experienced behind the wheel makes all the difference in determining what your engine can really do.

It’s time to bring in the best; reduce your business stress with LRS.


When it comes down to it, an accounting system is the measurement tool used to interpret and utilize the data to benefit the organization. And if you don’t have the right tools in your belt, how can you expect to build a solid foundation, let alone a better bottom line?

Every business is different, and should be treated as such.


When it comes to running your business, having employees that are good at their jobs is the bare minimum. At Lawson, Rescinio, & Schibell, we believe cultivating a team of passionate individuals that work together seamlessly across departments is the best way to effectively grow a business.

Open Book Management utilizes transparency and deeper understanding to drive employee motivation by:

– Training them to recognize overall financial goals
– Teaching them the mechanics to actualize these goals
– Rewarding them for making cost saving suggestions and organizational improvements

Only through education and awareness can you hope to ENGAGE and EMPOWER your team.


At LRS, we know that an accountant’s job is MORE than just filing tax reports. Staffing and labor, inventory and material costs, billing, and even the timing of it all can contribute to the overall profitability of a business (or its lack thereof).

Business and financial operations oriented, LRS’s cohesive understanding of management strategy, organization, and accountability is an ideal fit for companies looking to unite their team under a common goal: to build a better bottom line.